Cameley Primary

Nurturing Faith:
Inspiring Learning

Learning Improvement Plan


Each year we work hard on the issues that matter most to our pupils and community. Through conversations with teachers, children, governors, parents, analysis of data and working with other stakeholders, together with surveys and questionnaires, we produce a Learning Improvement Plan that highlights in detail the key focus areas for our School.  This is then reviewed in December, March and July and any actions agreed for the following term.  

At Cameley Primary School we pride ourselves on making sure that everyone is involved and clear about the work we do. 

Priorities are;

  • Raising standards of teaching and learning; to strengthen the trajectory of improvement and progress of pupils by improving the standard of teaching and learning across the school. 
  • Higher percentage of pupils meeting ARE (age related expectation) at the end of Key Stage 1&2 in Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • Narrowing the gap in attainment between Pupil Premium children and non Pupil Premium. 
  • Raising standards in Maths by developing the teaching of mental and written arithmetic across the school, in line with the requirements of the new curriculum and assessments. 
  • Raising standards in Writing, including Writing across the curriculum, through the continued implementation of Interim Frameworks and Writing criteria to sustain high expectations.
  • Improve teaching of phonics, to implement a consistent approach to the teaching of phonics, impacting on the level attained at the end of year one.   

We recognise that this list does not cover all of the aspects that we are promoting at our friendly and inclusive school.  However, these are the key areas which we will continue to focus on and monitor throughout the year.  Within each area we will also be looking at the fun and engaging curriculum and our coverage.