Cameley Primary

Nurturing Faith:
Inspiring Learning

The curriculum

Our Curriculum:

- Is relevant, varied and has a flexible approach;

- Impact measure, cumulative and challenging;

- Active, engaging and child centered;

- Linked to the community and under world;

- Inspirational, aspirational and practical;

- Underpinned by pedagogy and embracing school values. 

We want Cameley children to experience a range of visits (one per term) to enrich the learning of topics, including visits to the local community, a city, religious and cultural venues;

- Learn a range of practical skills to aid them to lead more independent lives such as: read a map, start a fire, cook, sew, first aid, wash-up and travel on a bus;

- To work collaboratively and supportively on projects, in a team, camp etc;

- Develop a sense of self by meeting those who are different e.g. visiting other schools, including adult role models who provide alternative life choices and aspirations;

- Develop vocabulary of learning to learn; resilience, problem-solving;

- Have positive health and wellbeing, coping with setbacks, taking part in a range of physical activities, making positive choices regarding intuition, friend and relationships and be supported to develop confidence;

- To develop a social conscience i.e. fund raising, visiting care homes;

- Have experience of different schools e.g. city schools through pen pal visits;

- All children to be given the opportunity to represent the school doing activities such as singing, dancing and sport. 

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  RE at Cameley School

RE is taught through the locally agreed Awareness, Mystery and Values Syllabus.  The teaching of RE helps pupils know and understand about Christianity as a living world faith, it explores the core concepts of Christianity and critically engages with biblical texts.  Christianity is taught using the Understanding Christianity resource.  The Curriculum is rich and varied enabling learners to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. 

RE helps pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of a range of different religions and world views.  At key stage 1 Christianity and at least one other religion is taught.  At Key Stage 2, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism are taught. 

The RE Curriculum will teach pupils to be well informed and respectful of all religions.  Pupils will reflect on their own religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions. 


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