Cameley Primary

Nurturing Faith,
Inspiring Learning

School visions & Values

The Vision and values of Cameley School are:
Nurturing Faith, Inspiring Learning; "Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts and make you wise"

Delivering outstanding education in a safe, creative environment.
Lifelong learning for all members of the school community.
Outstanding Inclusion, care, support and guidance with shared ethos, aims and Christian Values.

At Cameley Primary School we aspire for all our children to:

  • Have high expectations of their own learning and behaviour
  • Learn with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Reach their full potential, be confident in themselves and to work to the best of their ability
  • Consider others with kindness, respect and equality
  • Be positive, responsible citizens who know right from wrong, make good choices and support those around them.
  • Enjoy a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle

We achieve this by providing:

  • A safe environment – providing a setting that is secure and stimulating, where we all feel we belong.
  • Excellent teaching – providing excellent learning for every child and to motivate and enthuse
  • High expectations – promoting clear and consistent boundaries for behaviour, as well as a fun, creative curriculum that is fully inclusive for all learners
  • A caring school - valuing the contribution of parents, children, the Church and the wider community and working as a team towards common goals for the benefit of every child
  • A creative curriculum  - giving children practical opportunities to learn through the environment around them.
  • A rewarding atmosphere – taking every opportunity to celebrate the achievements and successes of all our children.

The school's visions and values can be found here in the Teaching and Learning Policy